KinjaMedia is a company that:
  • Represents select real estate educators
  • Provides back end support for speakers
  • Creates and delivers critical, dynamic real estate information.

  • Great content delivered to consumers, businesses and law enforcement via live classes, books, and the Internet.

  • Our experience, talent, knowledge and contacts help us develop and deliver relevant information, to the people who need it.

  • Richard Hagar SRA - Phenominal real estate educator!
  • Broker Knowledge - Information for the mortgage industry.
  • RealEstate-Advisor.com - Real estate information for consumers
  • Rental Agreements - Agreements and forms for renters & landlords.

  • Once content is created, we use the skills and assets from our other divisions to market, build traffic and draw attention. Our assets included experienced coordination, great information, time tested marketing skills and knowledge of the Internet.

  • Kinja's primary divisions:
  • KinjaEducation
  • KinjaSites

    KinjaMedia was started by a group of people with marketing backgrounds, advanced technical skills, the ability to plan projects and run successful businesses. Our experience is great and our resumes very long. All of us retired out of public companies years ago intending on developing our simmering ideas. Our abilities to dream, coordinate, communicate and bring talent to the table are the basis for KinjaMedia.

  • Problems within our world are where we start. Information, innovation, and creativity are what we use. Solutions, information delivery, and business in a business like manner are our goals.

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