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Real Estate Classes
by Richard Hagar SRA

presented by KinjaMedia

Class Name Class Description Class Hours
Investment Classes
Why Invest in Real Estate This class eliminates the hype and gets down to the facts around real estate values. The down to earth facts will help you decide if real estate investing is right for you and more importantly... when and where to invest.

Let a senior real estate appraiser, who belongs to the nation wide Appraisal InstituteTM, give you access to the same information he provides lenders, developers and institutional investors.

Approved for: real estate agents, real estate appraisers.
3 Clock Hours
Tools for the Real Estate investor Using the skill of an appraiser and experience of a real estate investor, I'll show you quick and easy ways to measure the potential success or failure of an investment... before you buy!

Tools, tips, Internet resources, insider information and how appraisers determine the value for an investment property are all included in this class. Designed for want-to-be investors and real estate agents.

Approved for: Real Estate Agents.
3 Clock Hours
How to profit from Fixer-Uppers and Rehab Despite what Late-Night-TV-Hype says - Not ever Fixer-Upper makes profit, and not every remodeling project adds value. Time and time again we see people make the wrong decisions regarding fixers. Let this appraiser/investor show you which homes are perfect targets for fixing up and which should be avoided.

Numerous examples, photos and case studies combined with how and where to get financing for your project.

Approved for: Real Estate Agents, appraisers and investors like yourself.
3 Clock Hours
Fraud Classes
Identify and Prevent Real Estate Mortgage Fraud Fraud is becoming a massive problem. The FBI says mortgage fraud is up 500% and the massive ignorance of Agents, Appraisers and Mortgage Brokers is at the core of the problem.

This class is filled with national and local examples and is the first in the nation approved by the State of Washington for continuing education for real estate professionals.

Details on fraud classes
3 Clock Hours
Identify and Prevent Real Estate Mortgage Fraud The Expanded 6 hour version of the fraud class has everything in the 3 hour plus

Guest speakers will include a representative from the Attorney Generals office or Department of Financial Institutions

6 Clock Hours
Appraisal Classes
Market Value And How To Adjust For Concessions Federal and State law as well as USPAP require appraisers to value property according to a Federal definition of "Market Value." This class will provide a detailed explanation along with the tough part...... how concessions impact value. This class has been approved in multiple states.

Approved for: real estate appraisers.
3 Clock Hours
Home Improvements and Fixer-Uppers Late-Night-TV Hype is filled with "Making big money with fixers" .. however do they know what they are talking about? This class wipes away the hype and looks at numerous fixer-upper and remodeling projects from an appraisers point of view. We will explain what works and more importantly, what does not. The class will review a)actual remodeling costs and their impact on value, b) home styles that work, c)locations that increase profit and how the appraiser should appraise properties that are being remodeled.

Approved for: real estate appraisers and agents.
3 Clock Hours
Where Are Real Estate Prices Headed The real estate market is confusing....to say the least. As a result trying to understand what type of market exists today is tough. This class will examine historical values, what is driving today's market and where we will be in the future. Once an appraiser understands absorption rates, population growth, Growth Management Act (its impact), construction costs and land availability, things get easier to understand.

Approved for: real estate appraisers and agents.
3 Clock Hours
The Top 20 Questions Asked Of Appraisers....And How To Answer Banks and underwriters are always asking appraisers to clarify, explain, give more. Sometimes underwriter questions sound outrageous. In this class the appraiser will learn that "outrageous" questions may have another motive. We will list the top 20 questions and provides the answers that the banks want. This class is designed to help the appraiser navagate the strage requests by the lending industry.

Approved for: real estate appraisers.
3 Clock Hours
How To Appraise The Homes Of The Ultra-Rich And Waterfront Appraising upper end homes is unlike any other residential appraisal. Functional Obsolescence and "remaining life" are viewed differently by the rich; and if you do not understand that, your appraisals will be off. Standard adjustments and comments for an average home is not acceptable for homes at the top 10% of any market. This class will explain some of the issues and provide numerous examples that will help you appraise for this segment. The class is applicable for any market, Kansas to Bel-Air, Median to Moses Lake, every market has a top 10% and this class explains how to appraise at that level.

Approved for: real estate appraisers.
3 Clock Hours

What others have said:

  • "I thought he was nuts.... until the Assistant Attorney General stood by his side and said "Richard is correct, insiders are committing fraud, harming consumers and going to jail."
  • "I had no idea the problem was this big and in our town"
  • Richard is the single best instructor I've ever seen in 35 years - never a dull moment"
  • "There are so many that need this information. We need to make this class an absolute requirement to keep a license"

About the instructor, Richard Hagar SRA

I have a career that spans more than 30 years as a real estate agent, real estate appraiser, Instructor for the Appraisal Institute, and investor.

My father was a real estate broker selling homes in Seattle, later selling recreational property in various places around the World. I've spent my entire life in and around the real estate business.

I started as a licensed real estate agent in 1976, selling homes and condominiums to first time home buyers during weekdays. On weekends I'd sell recreational properties such as timeshare condominiums, camping lots and acreage for vacation homes.

I've worked with builders creating entire subdivisions, condominiums, converting apartments into condominiums and building homes throughout western Washington.

As a regular investor in real estate, I've read every get rich quick book I could find and tried to purchase property using every method around.

Today I'm:

  • A licensed real estate agent
  • The owner of American Home Appraisals. My company information
  • One of the more senior real estate appraisers in the State of Washington with the highest residential certificate available from the State.
  • An SRA with the Appraisal Institute. (The SRA designation indicates proficiency in appraising and is awarded to less than 1% of all appraisers)
  • On the approved list with more than 100 different lenders,
  • Perform review work for the State of Washington and some of the largest lenders
  • Provide attorney's, valuation and real estate consulting for legal matters in Washington and Colorado.
  • One of the few people to be licensed by the State of Washington to teach more than eight different fields of real estate including valuation, construction issues, sales and marketing, land use and real estate investment.
  • Create classes for local community colleges, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and appraisers
  • Regularly teach Real Estate Investing, fraud, and Appraisal classes
  • Author of "The Real Estate-Advisor", The Real Estate Investors Handbook, "The 8-Step Plan" and Real Estate ~ Agent ~ Appraiser and ~ Mortgage Fraud.
  • Own and manage, with my wife's constant help, our own portfolio of investment properties including homes, condominiums, multi-family, and a commercial office building.

The classes I teach are entertaining, informative and, in the case of Fraud, downright scary. I guarantee business practices will change after hearing what I have to say.

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