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real estate professionals and consumers

Critical information via:

  • Seminars - for consumers and the mortgage industry
  • State Approved "Clock hour education" - for real estate professionals
  • CD-ROMs - for people on the go
  • Internet sites - for instant delivery
We represent:
Richard Hagar SRA,
American Home Appraisals and;
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Richard Hagar's
Seminars and Classes

Real Estate Fraud
Real Estate Investment

Available Classes and Seminars

30 hour classes (college level, prelicense or license renewal)

Real Estate Appraisal - The Basics 30 hours
Real Estate Appraisal - Valuation Process 30 Hours
Real Estate Appraisal - Small Income Residential Prop's. 30 hours
Real Estate Appraisal - Research Methods 30 hours
Real Estate Appraisal - Completing the Forms 16 hours
Real Estate Investment - Building Wealth 30 hours
Real Estate Investment - Building Wealth Summary 16 hours

2 - 7 hour classes (license renewal agents or appraisers)

Real Estate Investment (overview) 7 hours
Real Estate Appraisal for Agents 7 hours
Real Estate Appraisal for Agents Part 2 - The Adjustments 3 Hours
Real Estate Appraisal - How Value is Determined 3 Hours
Valuation of Waterfront Properties 3 hours
Appraising Unusual Residential Properties 3 hours
What is a Home Worth? 5 hours
Construction and land development 5 hours
They got caught. Agents/Appraisers who did wrong 5 hours
Lender Pressure and appraising 3 hours
Growth Management Act 2 hours
Growth Management Act (Detailed) 5 hours
Helping Lenders Understand the Appraisal Process 2 and 3 hours
Top 10 clarifications that lenders ask for and how to answer 2 hours
Use of Computers and other Technologies 2 hours
Real Estate Resources on the Web 3 hours
Mortgage Brokers Practices Act 3-5 hours
Real Estate Appraisal for Bank Processors and Professionals 3-5 hours
Expert Witness Testimony - For Attorney's/College 3 Hours

Internet Sites
  • Rental agreements
  • Real estate purchase forms
  • Real estate appraisal forms
  • First Time Buyers Report

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