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Help and Information for:
Attorneys, State Investigators and Prosecutors

Identify and Prevent Real Estate/Mortgage Fraud

I help state agencies, criminal investigators, regulators and attorneys understand the inner working of real estate and mortgage fraud.

If you're an attorney specializing in real estate, it's likely that a client of yours was damaged by real estate or mortgage fraud.

People are losing their homes in foreclosure often due to an inept agent, appraiser or mortgage insider. How inept? Terms like wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy come to mind.

I have a series of classes that will help with understanding the fraud problem. Classes cover layered transactions, foreclosure "rescue", mortgage elimination, flipping, agent and appraisal fraud.

Let an experienced real estate insider, who trains government investigators, be your guide to understanding.

Class Name Class Description Class Hours
Identify and Prevent Real Estate Mortgage Fraud

(6 hour)
This class is a no-holes-barred look at the business practices of agents, appraisers and mortgage brokers. We will examine common practices and mistakes most professionals are making on a daily basis... practices that are planting professionals in Federal Prison.
[Partial list of indictments]

How important is this class?
This is the first class in the nation approved by the State for clock hour education for attorneys, CPA's, and all real estate professionals.

This CLE class provides background information, examples on the depth of the problem, a walk through of local cases, its impact on home values together with numerous examples that are occurring on a daily basis in your area, by people you know. We will provide a behind the scenes view on the real way mortgage, appraisal and real estate business is run.

The class is designed to help State investigators and the legal profession, recognize a fraudulent transaction and how consumers are harmed by the process.

  • Special prosecutor from the Attorney Generals office or, Federal Prosecutor and/or, Director from the State's banking office.
  • Step by Step walk through of common fraudulent real estate transactions, performed in real estate offices every day
  • List of applicable laws (State and Federal)
  • Outline that helps identify fraud when it comes your way
  • Examples of what are not allowed under State and Federal Law
  • 90% of people attending the 3 hour class, attend the 6 hour class the next time it's taught.

    If you are a State investigator or prosecutor, the 6 hour class provides a high level overview that aids in threading your way through an often times complex prosecution and types of data needed for a successful prosecution. State Approvals:
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Appraisers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Limited Practice Officers (LPO/Escrow agents)[3 hr credit]
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Attorneys Oregon
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Appraisers
  • Mortgage Brokers - Loan Officers/Originators Idaho
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Appraisers [7 hours]
  • Mortgage Brokers - pending
  • 6 Clock Hours

    What others have said:

    • "I thought he was nuts.... until the Assistant Attorney General stood by his side and said "Richard is correct, insiders are committing fraud, harming consumers and going to jail."
    • "I had no idea the problem was this big and in our town"
    • Richard is the single best instructor I've ever seen in 35 years - never a dull moment"
    • "There are so many that need this information. We need to make this class an absolute requirement to keep a license"

    About the instructor, Richard Hagar SRA

    I have a career that spans more than 30 years as a real estate agent, real estate appraiser, Instructor for the Appraisal Institute, and investor.

    My father was a real estate broker selling homes in Seattle, later selling recreational property in various places around the World. I've spent my entire life in and around the real estate business.

    I started as a licensed real estate agent in 1976. During week days I'd sell homes and condominiums to first time home buyers. On weekends I'd sell recreational properties such as timeshare condominiums, camping lots and acreage for vacation homes.

    I've worked with builders creating entire subdivisions, condominiums, converting apartments into condominiums and building homes throughout western Washington.

    As a regular investor in real estate, I've read every get rich quick book I could find and tried to purchase property using every method around.

    Today I'm:
    • Real estate agent
    • The owner of American Home Appraisals. My company information
    • One of the more senior real estate appraisers in the State of Washington with the highest residential certificate available from the State.
    • An SRA with the Appraisal Institute. (The SRA designation indicates proficiency in appraising and is awarded to less than 1% of all appraisers)
    • On the approved list with more than 100 different lenders,
    • Perform review work for the State of Washington and some of the largest lenders
    • Provide attorney's, valuation and real estate consulting for legal matters in Washington and Colorado.
    • One of the few people to be licensed by the State of Washington to teach more than eight different fields of real estate including valuation, construction issues, sales and marketing, land use and real estate investment.
    • Create classes for local community colleges, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and appraisers
    • Regularly teach Real Estate Investing, fraud, and Appraisal classes
    • Author of "The Real Estate-Advisor", The Real Estate Investors Handbook, "The 8-Step Plan" and Real Estate ~ Agent ~ Appraiser and ~ Mortgage Fraud.
    • Own and manage, with my wife's constant help, our own portfolio of investment properties including homes, condominiums, multi-family, and a commercial office building.

    Why am I qualified to talk about fraud?     ...I'm an appraiser!

    • On a weekly, if not daily basis, someone asks my office to commit fraud.
    • Attempts at fraud come to us in person, via phone, fax, and email.
    • Loan officers, processors, underwriters, corporate presidents, agents, buyers, sellers, and borrowers have tried bribes, threatened my health, my business and when all else failed - fall back on the "Well if you won't, I'll find an appraiser who will."
    • This isn't always overt threats, sometimes it's someone demanding a predetermined value, or asking me to be silent about a problem with the property.
      Why do they do it? Ignorance is one reason, greed is the most common.
    • A large percentage of the review work I see is beyond bad, its an attempt to lie and hide facts, most often to make a lender or borrower happy.
    • In legal matters, I examine appraisals, often discovering the absence of fact and a failure to comply with the most basic appraisal standards.
    • I've provided information to bank examiners, Senators, and State Attorneys.
    • I'm the author of the first and only class in the Nation to be approved for continued education to all real estate professionals.
    • I was a co-author of Washington's Mortgage Brokers Practices Act (RCW 19.146)
    The classes I teach are entertaining, informative and, in the case of Fraud, downright scary. I guarantee business practices will change after hearing what I have to say.


    What others have said:
    "This is the best class I've ever taken"

    "The information he has is astonishing, three hours isn't enough time"


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